Ethix Ventures Interviews Sarah Mazzone: Blogger, Nurse, and Mother

Ethix Ventures Interviews Sarah Mazzone: Blogger, Nurse, and Mother

Working with Sarah Mazzone and the Made in USA Challenge has predated my time here at Ethix. My predecessor let me in on the projects we’d completed together as well as her invaluable blog and shopping guides (we made it into a few!). So, you can imagine, I was more than taken aback when I realized that we’d never done a proper interview with Sarah for our Sweatfree Tribe blog series. We’re here to correct that as we catch up with the mother of multitasking to see what has transpired for Sarah since she undertook the challenge of finding USA Made items for her first baby back in 2011.

Ethix: Can you tell our readers what it is that sparked your immersion into the USA Made Movement?

Sarah Mazzone: My interest in being a more conscious consumer started when I was expecting my first child. I began researching the safest and most environmentally conscious baby products. I was concerned that so many products touted as “green” where made in China. I did more research to find alternatives that were ethically made in America. The more I read, the more convinced I became that buying locally made goods was the best way to find products that are safe, ethically made and eco-friendly.

Ethix: What would you say is the continuing mission of the Made in USA Challenge blog and site? Has this transformed during your continued involvement and deepening knowledge of “buy local” and “buy USA”?

Sarah Mazzone: The mission of Made in USA Challenge is to spread awareness of buying American made and inspire a movement of conscious consumerism in our country. I hope to reach a wide audience to show how our power as consumers can create real, positive change.

Ethix: We asked Kelsey Timmerman how he felt the American economy has been impacted by the outsourcing of manufacturing jobs. As a mother, how would you say this offshoring of production has affected your family? How do you see this affecting families across the nation (and globe?)?

Sarah Mazzone: Families are being hit hard by the outsourcing of our economy. Our family, like many others in America, has dealt with unemployment, housing issues and access to health care. When manufacturing jobs are sent overseas it is not only factory workers that are affected. One manufacturing position creates about 4 additional indirect American jobs. When that position is outsourced, many others are also laid off. Manufacturing is the back bone of our economy and we need to re-build this sector to restore American prosperity.

Ethix: Any new projects in the works? What should we be on look out for from you and the Made in USA Challenge?

Sarah Mazzone: In the New Year I hope to continue sharing my message with a larger audience. I will be working on building the Made in America Master List as the ultimate resource for consumers looking for American made goods that are safe, ethically made and eco-friendly. I also have an e-book I am working on about the conscious consumer movement.

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