Sera Cook

Favorite Quote

“Make it so!” – Jean-Luc Picard

Fun Facts

  • I love animals and event planning and do both by organizing local meet ups and events.
  • I love capturing moments, and take photos constantly.
  • I love to travel and as a child of a proud union airline employee I have been privileged to visit many amazing places in the United States and the world. One of my favorite memories was visiting Florence, Italy.

Why do you love working at Ethix?
Working at Ethix provides me the opportunity to work with a socially responsible, environmentally minded company. I have always been passionate about workers’ rights, human rights, and equality. Working at Ethix allows me the freedom to practice what I preach while getting paid for it! Most importantly I feel good about what I doWorking at Ethix has really helped shape my career and better define my core beliefs.

What qualifications do you bring to Ethix Ventures?

I have years of experience blogging, conducting social media outreach, inbound marketing, database administration, as well as sales and customer support. I have a knack for details and strive to keep the focus on the customer. I love being able to apply my skill set to the work I do at Ethix. My goal is to make a difference in the people’s lives I come in contact with every day.

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