Robin Hood Rallies this Weekend: ACT UP & Nurses United to Unleash Power in DC

We’re Proud to Support our Clients’ Activism

20120925 NYT Button pic Ethix has been honored to collaborate with ACT UP: AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power in their work to end criminalization of HIV/AIDS. The Classic “Silence=Death” organization T-shirts produced by Ethix Merch were conceived by ACT-UP when they formed to force the federal and local government to respond to the AIDS epidemic. (Those promotional slogan t-shirts are available at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe (NYC) and will be available online shortly!).The buttons and T-shirts we’ve produced for ACT UP’s direct actions pay homage to the roots of the AIDS epidemic and subsequent activism.

Now ACT UP NY and National Nurses United Take On “Robin Hood Rallies”

robin-hood-tax-tax-wall-street-fairOn April 20th, this Saturday, ACT UP NY and National Nurses United will join forces in DC to demand a Robin Hood Tax – proposing to tax Wall Street trading transactions to fund social causes including global health and education.

The rally was scheduled to coincide with the meeting of G20 leaders, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). [Find a Robin Hood Rally near you at the bottom of this blog!]  As usual, ACT UP is media-savvy: their first action on April 15, 1987 was held at the New York City General Post Office where a captive audience was mailing out their taxes – an event always covered by the media. Surely the G20/World Bank/IMF meetings will be getting their share of media coverage as well, so we anticipate the DC Robin Hood Rally will be benefit from that.

Objective: Tax Wall Street to Fund Health, Climate, Jobs, and Education

The Robin Hood Tax Campaign describes the objectives of this weekend’s rally:

“Wall Street banks and corporations are raking in record profits while our communities continue to suffer job losses and cuts to public programs. Instead of lining the pockets of corporate fat cats, this money should go to our children’s Head Start programs, Grandma’s retirement, and fixing our broken healthcare system. It’s time for the administration to stand with the people and TAX WALL STREET. Join us April 20 as we march to the White House

and Treasury Department to demand a financial transaction tax on Wall Street trades so we can put the money toward global health needs, addressing the climate crisis, jobs, and education.”

Ethix Promotional Merchandise Spreads the Word

Ethix is proud to work with many worker and human rights groups that utilize nonviolent civil disobedience and public marches to raise awareness and spur discussion. They’re showing how the struggle of any American is the struggle of all Americans.


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