Made in USA: Fakers and Frauds

liar-liar-pants-on-fire-your-pants-are-actually-on-FIRE (400x303)Don’t Fall For It! Get Only Genuine USA Made Promotional Products!

Unfortunately, there are those in our industry looking to cash in on unsuspecting individuals in the market for American made promotional items. With a simple slight of hand – presto! – their imported silicone wristbands can be confused with those made in the USA as they are devoid of country of origin signifiers.

We’ve worked with individuals looking to recover from a faux pas as their last order with another company turned out to use imports. We love new Ethix clients, we just feel bad when we know someone else from Custom Chotskies Inc. tried to sell them imprinted promotional merchandise that was NOT genuinely made and printed in the United States.

Find Authentic Made in USA and Union Made Promotions

With the Made in USA movement continuing to build momentum (as it should!) there is an increased demand for American Made custom products and apparel. This growing demand also makes room for those looking to turn a unscrupulous profit off trusting individuals and organizations.

Blank products are stripped of their tags, stickers are removed, fake union bugs are added to screens, and stories are concocted for the inquisitive. We’ve seen this fraudulent behavior in print shops, other distributors, and from clients that came to Ethix after being “had” by one or the other.

I can’t tell you how many cash-strapped organizations have come to us with a competitor’s offer and asked our team to beat their quoted price. In many of those situations we oftentimes have to break the news that those products, at those prices, are (undoubtedly) imports being passed off as USA Made. How can you know your promotions are authentically USA and Union Made? We always encourage you to contact the quoting company (such as the aforemention ficticious Custom Chotskies Inc.) and confirm proof of product origin, or ask them product samples.

When in Doubt, Request a Sample

Never feel like you can’t request a sample of your promotional items. Keep in mind the time and effort that goes into obtaining a sample for an order you are considering. Is it an order that you’re ready to consider making now? Your investment is our investment. We’re in business to help you find the best in authentic USA and Union Made promotional items for your organization or company. Our team of Merchant Adventurers is here to help you find the best product to fit your budget and time constraints.


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