Four Ways to Fake a USA Union Made Hat: An Infographic

20120724 preview title_0Authentic Workers United Union Made Hats

We love union labels. We believe the best way to end sweatshops is to let workers organize so they can determine what to do if conditions are abusive. Cooperatives, ESOPs, and union shops are all great models to improve factories.

However, there are people who believe in unethical practices when it comes to the union label. Their goal is not worker empowerment, but making a quick buck by labeling something “union made” when it’s not.

preview_infographic_1Spot the Legitimate Union Label Products

How can you as a consumer know whether your “union label”┬áitem is legitimate?

We created this infographic here to help you learn!

(And check out our link on the right to the first infographic we made showing how hats are manufactured.)

Faking USA, Union Made Hats

Below, we show you the ways fake USA union made hats have illegitimate union labels stitched into them. Each of these four schemes has a real union manufacturer’s note so you can track down whether your hats are supporting sweatshop-free values.

The surefire way to know is to purchase the Workers United label whenever possible for headwear. Just ask Ethix for help for your next order.




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