ESOPs offer a ‘Shift Change’ for the US Economy

What is an ESOP?

what-does-esop-stand-for-after-allWorker owned businesses do better business overall. Is this a shock? Well it shouldn’t be.

Theory in practice: A worker, who has invested in their company, has a voice in the daily operations, marketing, and sales of the product/services you are offering. This worker is more than likely going to create their product with pride of ownership.

Name ID badge holders with retracting_0We are proud to offer retractable badge holders from an ESOP manufacturer. We are always on the lookout for employee owned promotional products. This one made it on our radar:

Our favorite ESOP guru:

20110411_mackin.jpgThe Ethix Team: For thirty-three years Chris Mackin has focused upon the structure of the workplace as a setting for social change. He is the founder of Ownership Associates, Inc. of Cambridge, MA, a leading advisor to employee-owned corporations throughout the United States and Europe. He serves as a member of the core faculty of the Harvard Trade Union Program, a mid-career training program for union leaders. He is also a Carey Fellow for the Study of Democratic Capitalism at Rutgers University, based at the Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations.  He holds a Doctorate from Harvard University in the field of Human Development.

Domestic ‘Shift Change’

AFL-CIO’s Kenneth Quinnell‘s recent article on ‘Shift Change’ is timely as December marks the end of the UN’s Year of the Cooperative. The newest film from Mark Dworkin and Melissa Young highlights US cooperatives and the famous Mondragón Cooperative of Spain.

ESOPs featured include:  Mondragón Cooperative, Equal Exchange (Massachusetts), The Evergreen Cooperatives (Ohio), Arizmendi Association of Cooperatives (California), and Isthmus Engineering and Manufacturing (Wisconsin). A detailed list of featured coops can be found on the ‘Shift Change‘ web site.


You can still catch a few screenings if you find yourself in Washington, DC this week!

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