Celebrating 51 Years of Public Employee Unions

Public Employee Unions were Legalized in 1962

On January 17, 1962 President John F. Kennedy lifted, by executive order, the federal ban on government unions. The president then followed with an executive order granting federal employees the right to bargain collectively. We celebrate public and federal employee unions every day with the work we do at Ethix Merch, providing promotional merchandise that helps support labor. Union made in the USA is our “platinum standard” and we work tirelessly to get our promotional merchandise orders filled by those factories and embellishment shops that are unionized.

Some Public Employee Union Clients Sporting our Promotional Products:

UFT acrylic laser etched union made paperweights and 50th Anniversary lapel pins. Great set, right?

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AFSCME branded merch to show solidarity with their union members at their desk and on the go! A photo posted by EthixMerch (@ethixmerch) on

PEU 1 bumper stickers complete with a union bug

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VA Postal Workers union-made drawstring backpack for a prior conference A photo posted by EthixMerch (@ethixmerch) on

Why Unions Buy Union Made Promotional Merchandise

What’s the best way to honor a union member? With union merch, of course! Union members want to recognize other unions. It’s a solidarity exchange that shows appreciation for the hard work that goes into each item a member makes. Union members organize for wages and other compensations for work done. So paying a little more for goods you know were crafted by skilled, organized, and willing labor makes all the difference to these groups of individuals.

How to Find Union Made Merchandise

We are here to help customers choose ethically-produced promotional items for every group we work with, union or otherwise. We “tag” our merchandise selections to help clients choose promotional items that support the specific ethics that matter most to them:

Read more on public unionization:

Scholars Strategy Network – WHY AMERICA’S PUBLIC SECTOR UNIONS FACE POLITICAL ATTACKS by John Stephen Ahlquist, University of Wisconsin-Madison

NPR – PUBLIC SECTOR LABOR UNIONS EVOLVE OVER A CENTURY – Steve Inskeep interview with Joseph Slate

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