“Election Stimulus” with The Daily Show’s John Oliver

Recently The Daily Show’s John Oliver visited with Unionwear’s President Mitch Cahn at his factory in New Jersey to talk shop.

The topic isn’t laughable, but this clip sure is:

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Our New Election Economy
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Mitch spoke with John about the importance of keeping election campaign monies in the US economy and working with U.S. manufacturers (“election stimulus”).  We have a few of the Q & As from the full interview below:

John:  What kind of increase in business do you see from political campaigns?

Mitch:  We see a big increase in business, not just from the candidates themselves, but because there is a lot more attention paid to “Made in USA” during election years. After a few news stories about candidates getting signs printed in Mexico and t shirts made in Honduras, buyers in all sorts of organizations, like non profits or government agencies, start to worry that they might lose their jobs because of a purchase they could have bought domestically but didn’t. Then, after the election, the products become keepsakes and our distributors labels inside act as business cards so the effect lasts.

John:  Why is it so important for merchandise to be made in USA in union shops?

Mitch:  Candidates want to do whatever they can to look like they are creating manufacturing jobs, and their giveaways are the one chance they get to demonstrate their commitment to made in USA. Plus, whenever one of their vendor messes up and sources something from overseas or switches country of origin labels, it makes the news, so they have to take care and vet their vendors.

John:  So they COULD get their hats cheaper from foreign sweatshops, but they CAN’T because…

Mitch:  When they get caught, which they invariably will, it’s going to cost them so much more money to fix the problem, backpedal, apologize, change their message, that it’s easier and cheaper to just patronize clean shops.

The full interview Q & A can be read here on the Unionwear blog.

Mitch is a regular guest blogger here at Ethix as well as a Sweatfree Tribe member.  Check out his blogs in “Doing the Math“.

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