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Robin Hood Rallies this Weekend: ACT UP & Nurses United to Unleash Power in DC

We’re Proud to Support our Clients’ Activism Ethix has been honored to collaborate with ACT UP: AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power in their work to end criminalization of HIV/AIDS. The Classic “Silence=Death” organization T-shirts produced by Ethix Merch were conceived by ACT-UP when they formed to force the federal and local government to respond to the AIDS epidemic. (Those promotional…Continue Reading

Learn how to run your own Sweatshop!

A Serious Game about Sweatshop Conditions UK based Pocket Gamer recently released an article on the removal of a sweatshop management game by Littleloud from the Apple App Store: “Sweatshop HD is the Latest Victim in Apple’s War on Serious Games“. It would appear that the concept of a sweatshop game makes Apple uneasy. But…Continue Reading

Garment Workers’ Rights in Peril Worldwide, Even Now

Anniversary of the Bread & Roses Strike In February of 1912, Lawrence, Massachusetts was a burgeoning mill town simmering with  garment worker unrest for over a year. The simmer reached a boil on February 24, 1912. Garment workers were standing up for themselves, protesting unsafe working conditions, long hours, and insufficient pay (demanding the basic in garment workers’…Continue Reading

What About Workers? FTUSA, IMO, and Theo Chocolate

Is Fair Trade Truly “Fair”? Fair Trade USA publicly released the findings of their Apparel and Linens Pilot late last month. We have taken a look and we aren’t confident the process was thorough enough in regards to worker representation and workplace safety and rights. We’d like our readers and clients to decide for themselves.…Continue Reading

The Hype on Hemp Production in the USA

Will the US Finally Grow Hemp? There has been quite a bit of hemp talk in recent election years. Both Colorado and Washington state have recently legalized recreational marijuana – which some say paves the way for legalizing the industrial cultivation and processing of hemp plants. NPR recently aired an interview with Mr. Michael Bowman…Continue Reading

Celebrating 51 Years of Public Employee Unions

Public Employee Unions were Legalized in 1962 On January 17, 1962 President John F. Kennedy lifted, by executive order, the federal ban on government unions. The president then followed with an executive order granting federal employees the right to bargain collectively. We celebrate public and federal employee unions every day with the work we do at Ethix…Continue Reading

Donate Today to End Public Procurement from Sweatshops

Governments are megaconsumers. The procurement process for our local, state, and federal governments should be scrutinized just as we analyze our own personal spending. Sweatfree Purchasing Consortium is membership organization and 501(c)(3) working to coordinate with public officials and engaged citizens to ensure tax monies do not go to pay and support sweatshops in the…Continue Reading

Government Suppliers using More Child- and Forced-Labor than Average

Government suppliers rank below industry average in removing child and forced labor from their supply chains, according to a new joint report by Sweatfree Communities and Free2Work (Not For Sale). Make your Voice Heard on Government Procurement and Apparel Purchases! The study paints a clear picture of the injustices within the apparel industry. As taxpayers, retail…Continue Reading

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