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Have Yourself A Union Made Labor Day!

Have Yourself A Union Made Labor Day!

Man Barbequing In A GardenWhile Labor Day honors the hardworking women and men who move this nation forward and grow, the weekend also gives us a great excuse for a barbecue blowout. Here are some union made food and beverages to get your BBQ off right!

Our list comes thanks to the AFL-CIO; the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers (BCTGM); the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW); the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor’s website Labor 411 and Union Plus.Continue Reading

Two Years Since Rana. Where is Justice?

Two Years Since Rana. Where is Justice?

This April the 24th marks the second year anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Over 1,100 people lost their lives that day, and over 2,500 were injured or maimed. These casualties were garment and factory workers employed and instructed to continue work as usual in a building that was illegally constructed…Continue Reading

MayDay! MayDay! Labour Day!

Mayday, Mayday! Labor activists come together in solidarity to honor labor and workers all around the world every May 1, except in the United States, that is.  I noticed that the media didn’t really mention any May Day and International Workers’ Rights Day rallies that were held on May 1 2014 around the United States. Most…Continue Reading

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rinse & Repeat.

Today more than ever, people are becoming more socially aware of how the products that we use every day are produced and manufactured; however you should also be aware of the environmental impacts as well. “Greening” the Promotional Product Industry At Ethix, we continually strive to expand our promotional product offering to include as many…Continue Reading

Made in USA: Fakers and Frauds

Don’t Fall For It! Get Only Genuine USA Made Promotional Products! Unfortunately, there are those in our industry looking to cash in on unsuspecting individuals in the market for American made promotional items. With a simple slight of hand – presto! – their imported silicone wristbands can be confused with those made in the USA as…Continue Reading

WRC Exposes Apparel Brands Stealing from the (Working) Poor

    “Stealing from the Poor: Wage Theft in the Haitian Apparel Industry” Last week the WRC released a report on the working conditions and prevalent wage theft in Haiti within the island nation’s garment industry. These findings, interviews, and analyses were completed with workers at factories in the Caracol Industrial Park outside of Cap-Haitien…Continue Reading

Fair Labor Standards, Equal Pay, and Where We Are 50+ Years Later

While the possibilities for women in the workforce have come a long way, baby, there is still wage disparity and wage discrimination that persists even today. Memes have been sweeping the likes of Twitter and Facebook urging a resolution on how workers are compensated, especially in light of recent statistics- in 40% of families with children,…Continue Reading

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