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American Apparel – Are You Ready For A Union Now?

American Apparel – Are You Ready For A Union Now?

You may have heard that Dov Charney, controversial Founder and CEO of American Apparel, was recently terminated. Board members have stated that the decision to fire Charney grew from ongoing investigations and alleged misconduct. If you don’t already know, American Apparel is an American clothing manufacturer, clothing distributor, and retailer with stores located around the world employing more than 10,000 people. (For the purposes of this post we are referring to the employees that manufacture American Apparel’s apparel only.)

Around the same time Arthur T. Demoulas was also fired as CEO of Market Basket a New England based supermarket chain, which employs about 25,000 people and operates 70 stores in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. What’s interesting about this story, and a point that we believe has been missed, is the response from the employees of both companies. On one hand, we have American Apparel, where, to our knowledge business has continued pretty much as usual. On the other hand, employees at Market Basket have walked off the job in protest after Demoulas’ firing and business has ground to a sobering halt. After all, employees don’t usually get emotional after a CEO is fired, or do they?Continue Reading

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