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“Election Stimulus” with The Daily Show’s John Oliver

Recently The Daily Show’s John Oliver visited with Unionwear’s President Mitch Cahn at his factory in New Jersey to talk shop.

The topic isn’t laughable, but this clip sure is:

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New Jersey’s UnionWear Featured in “New Jersey Makes” with David Cruz

Curious about local American manufacturing? Check out this brief article and video we were excited to see about our friends at UnionWear. Mitch Cahn explains a bit about how he competes with non-union, non-local operations. Thanks to David Cruz for highlighting this! “New Jersey Makes, Pt. 2: The State of Manufacturing in New Jersey In part…Continue Reading

Shawshanked: American Apparel Manufacturing Faces Competition From Prisons

After two decades, Unionwear union-made hats finally figured out how to successfully compete with forced labor in China. Now we find out we may have to compete with prison labor in the USA? UNICOR Federal Prison Industries (“FPI”) Must Not be Allowed to Produce Baseball Caps A decision by the FPI Board of Directors to allow FPI to…Continue Reading

Made In Newark

Newark, NJ has 300 factories with over 12,000 employees Who knew? Most of us are working out of unmarked concrete buildings, contract manufacturing for national brands. A group of small business owners and city analysts, meeting monthly as a “Small Business Job Creation Policy Board”, determined that bringing our factories out of the shadows and promoting them…Continue Reading

The Four Pillars of Job Creation

Unionwear manufactures headwear, bags (such as backpacks, garment bags, and handbags), and workwear (like safety vests and scrubs), with 120 union workers in Newark, NJ. Which means that not only are all of our products low tech and labor intensive, but in every product category we probably have the highest paid labor in the world. We didn’t create all these jobs by…Continue Reading

The High Road from China

For Unionwear, the tipping point was when our labor union’s business agent was transferred from New Bedford, Massachusetts to Cambodia, the same week that we learned that the nonprofit organization, “K to College”, was moving the production of 150,000 tote bags filled with a year’s supply of school supplies from China to our union shops…Continue Reading

The Health Care Bill will ____ Small Business

Will the health care bill help or hurt small business owners? That mainly depends on one factor: whether or not they already offer health insurance. If you own a small business that presently offers health care, the health care bill will obviously help your profitability. A central feature of all the proposals is the creation…Continue Reading

Kissell, My Ass

The executive branch has always had the power to redefine words to serve their interests.  Reagan’s USDA reclassified “ketchup” as a vegetable so school lunches could meet both budgetary and nutritional requirements.  George W.’s DOJ redefined “torture” so as not to violate international agreements, and Bill Clinton himself took a stab at redefining the meaning…Continue Reading

Reviva La Mexico

In 1992, Ross Perot foretold of NAFTA causing a grand migration of jobs to Mexico to emit a “giant sucking sound.” I started Unionwear the month Perot made that famous prediction and spent the next few years second guessing my career choice. Q. So why don’t I ever see apparel labelled “Made in Mexico?” Step…Continue Reading

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