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Super Bowls & Sweatshops: Do You Know How Your Apparel Is Made?

Super Bowls & Sweatshops: Do You Know How Your Apparel Is Made?

Super Bowl weekend is here!  It’s hard not to think about the pomp and circumstance that will occupy our next few days; food, friends, fun & of course, football.  As a Patriot’s fan I was just checking in to see if there were any new developments on Deflategate. I am happy to report nothing yet, but the press still have a few days to add more fuel to the fire.

The real news story that caught my eye, however, is a new five-part reality series called “Sweatshop Deadly Fashion”.  Turns out the show, created in Norway, is quickly going viral in the USA. Having tracked sweatshop abuses for the past 20 years I was very interested to watch.  To be honest I didn’t find anything ground breaking about the content, it seems sweatshop & human rights abuses continue to go hand in hand with the apparel & fashion industry. I am just glad to see that this documentary exposes sweatshops to a new audience in a reality show format.Continue Reading

Who Loves Sweatshops? Mitt Romney Does.

People always ask why they can’t find USA and Union Made T-shirts and hats for their groups and organizations.  I believe Mitt Romney deserves to be called to task for this and accept some responsibility. Bain Capital Purchase of a Majority of T-shirt and Hat Distributorships In 1999, while Mitt was CEO, Bain Capital purchased…Continue Reading

Merchant Adventurers

Welcome to the Ethix Blog! The purpose of this blog is to add to the growing conversation around socially responsible business. Around the web, activists and concerned citizens are constantly pointing out how businesses – through worker exploitation and environmental destruction – too often ignore their responsibility to society beyond providing a product or service that…Continue Reading

What is Sweatshop Free Merchandise?

One of the most frustrating parts of helping to clean up the global supply chain is the lack of consensus about what it means to be “sweatshop free.” Examples of Sweatfree Non-consensus American Apparel produces all of its products in the United States, opens its factory for public tours, and offers wages and benefits that…Continue Reading

Teamsters AND Turtles, Blue AND Green, and What it Means to Be a Socially Concious Consumer

To Protect Labor or the Environment? Which is more important to protect – labor or the environment? Is it better to be blue, in solidarity with workers, or green, in tune with the environment? Unfortunately, this is a question that socially conscious consumers often need to ask themselves. Why? Because an organic or locally-made product often comes…Continue Reading

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